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Destiny Dome Embassy at Cathedral of Praise Ministries International (DDE@COPI) is an evangelical and charismatic ministry. It believes that the entire Bible is authoritatively inspired by GOD, and all teaching is conducted accordingly. DDE@COPI believes in the Trinity, as well as the recognition of the atoning death, burial, resurrection, and ascension of JESUS CHRIST. Thus, the ministry observes the following:

a.        Salvation: Each service ends with an altar call for visitors to accept JESUS CHRIST as their Lord and Savior.

b.        Water Baptism: The church believes water baptism is a symbol of the cleansing power of the blood of CHRIST and a testimony to faith in JESUS CHRIST.

c.        Communion: The church deems communion as an act of remembering JESUS CHRIST's work on the cross. Communion is offered once a month.

d.        Maximized Relationship with JESUS CHRIST and Others: Great importance is placed on believers having a maximal relationship with CHRIST and other believers in the Body of CHRIST. DDE@COPI believes every believer experiences a maximal relationship with GOD through obedience to His Word and direction from the Holy Spirit. This allows believers to conform to the image of CHRIST and grow in the stature of CHRIST. Thus, the teaching at DDE@COPI involves the entire Word of GOD with emphasis on believers accessing GOD’s grace through faith in GOD’s unconditional love and favor. The product of believers maximizing their relationship with God is them experiencing maximal relationships with others. Once believers “live loved”, that is, recognize GOD’s unconditional love for them, believers are able to “live relationally”, that is, share GOD’s love with themselves and others.

e.        Pursuit of GOD-Assigned Destiny and Individual Purpose: DDE@COPI is committed to the fulfillment of GOD’s will and purpose through an intimate relationship with JESUS CHRIST and faith in the Word of GOD. This is the foundation from which all life materializes, advances, and improves for those who have placed their faith in the atoning work of JESUS CHRIST. DDE@COPI believes that destiny and purpose spring forth from the fact that each believer is touched to touch others saved to be an instrument in the salvation of others, and served by JESUS CHRIST to serve others. 

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